🌞 "MacBarbie07" 🌞

She makes videos about Fashion, Hair, Makeup Tutorials, Back to School, Decorations, and DIYs !!

To watch Bethany's videos, click here ------->>

Bethany also has a fun vlog channel, so click here:

Bethany makes amazing videos, if you don't watch them then take a moment to watch her videos because they're so fun, helpful, and just awesome!

She hopes to insire those girls that think they don't have anything in this world and she is constantly telling them that theyre beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bethany is such an inspiration for me (and I bet millions of girls who watch her videos). She was bullied when she was young, and helps other girls feel good about themselves.

You should also check her out on Awesomeness TV, here's the link to her series, Make Me Over:

So, I guess this is it for the introduction. Anyways, as Bethany would say...COMPUTER HUGS! 

Name: Bethany Mota

Age: 17

Birthday: November 7th 1995

Born: Santa Monica, CA

She has niece Marin

Her fav color is:pink,white n gold

Her fav drink is hot chocolate,starbucks n egg nog

Her fav knick knack is: owls